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Welcome to FIERCE !

We are specialist designers of high quality, designer Lace-Front Wigs for Theater, Film and Professional Drag.

Lace Front wigs much like ours have been worn by artists and celebrities on and off stage/camera for decades! They are the secret to achieving a real-hair-effect where your hair looks like it is actually growing out of your scalp.

Lace Front Wigs on Celebrities

Today, lace front wigs are the minimum standard in all professional wig applications.

At, we are passionate in giving you superior-quality lace-front wigs, meticulously designed by some of Europe's best Drag Artists and lace front connoiseurs, with optional features such as 200% to 400% hair density (a lot more hair than a normal wig) increasing from a thinner gradient on a contoured natural hairline, to give you a fabulously full head of hair, without losing the realness factor, and the V-shaped or U-shaped lace (a lot more lace on the wig, for more versatility on where to part it!). 

We are so committed in giving you the BEST wig you have ever owned, that we even offer FULL WIG CUSTOMISATION - colours, styles, density, wig construction, Swiss lace (more durable) or French lace (more invisible), V-shape lace, widow's peaks, hairline shape, all to your own specifications! (Custom wigs start at €249.00 according to style, will take approximately 7 weeks to complete.) Anything is possible!

Thank you, and in whatever you do, always be FIERCE! Unless you're a unicorn.. then always be a unicorn.

Sincerely yours,
Zaine F!erce
Zaine "Sascha" Fierce
Award-winning Drag Entertainer & International DJ

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